For the crypto world, Bitcoin has always been a reference for the health of the market. It is something internalized by the community that, if the figures of the crypto currency are good, so will be those of the other cryptoactives. Therefore, and in order to have a better image of the real situation of BTC after the third Bitcoin Future, today we bring you the most outstanding numbers of the currency.

Bitcoin rises in the ranking of China’s crypto currencies

Bitcoin in circulation
After a Halving, it seems appropriate to start our count of the main data of the cryptomoney with the number of Bitcoins in circulation. Well, although this is established by Satoshi Nakamoto’s programming, it’s impossible to alter its development. It is interesting to observe the curve after the reduction of the mining rewards.

So, as you can see from the graph of the number of Bitcoin circulating in the market, it has a flattened shape at the top. It shows that the rate of increase in the money supply in the virtual currency blockchain effectively slowed down. And therefore, that the Halving has developed with total normality with 18.41 million BTC in circulation today.

Number of daily Bitcoin transactions

However, a more important data than the behavior of the monetary issue after the Halving. It is the performance of the daily transaction volume of BTC, a figure that represents the health of the cryptomoney. At the end of the day, what credits Bitcoin as a virtual currency on par with fiat money is that it is used by its users.

And in this sense, cryptomoney has really suffered since Halving. In the days prior to it, there was an increase in daily transactions, reaching 307,981 confirmed operations in one day. After this event the number fell to 288,110, from where it has begun to recover.

This data makes sense since during the days prior to the Halving, a large part of the community launched to acquire Bitcoin. In an attempt to get ahead of a new post-Halving rally like the one experienced in 2017. A frenzy that came to a halt after Halving. Now all these buyers are waiting for the variations in the BTC price.

The daily trading volume has recovered since the Halving. Source:

The Hash Rate is another of the main data to be analyzed from the Bitcoin Blockchain. Well, it expresses the computational capacity dedicated to the mining of the cryptomoney at a given time. Therefore, it is a perfect indicator of the miners’ confidence in the future and the profitability of BTC. Because, a higher Hash Rate means a higher investment on their part in the Blockchain.

This figure would also have been hit after the Halving. Decreasing from 121 million TH/s to 90.29 million TH/s within only ten days. Reflecting how many mining machines came out of active service.

However, in recent days this trend has started to change, with further increases in the Hash Rate, which would be a very positive development for the BTC Blockchain.