Mega international investigation on Bitcoin Pyramids arrives in Brazil and exchanges receive subpoenas

Bitcoin Exchanges and Cryptomoedas do Brasil are notified by Interpol of possible scammer resources in companies

An international mega investigation involving Bitcoin’s financial pyramids “has arrived” in Brazil.

Thus, cryptomaniac companies operating in the country are being notified to provide clarifications about alleged funds linked to the investigation.

Thus, according to documents obtained by the Cointelegraph, several people are being investigated and accused of applying financial scams in Europe.

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However, according to investigations, these people would be using bitcoin and cryptomaniac companies operating in Brazil to ‘hide’ the resources and convert part of the cryptomaniac into reais in a money laundering operation.

Some of the accused are even Brazilians and would be linked to a kind of “international network” of financial scams that would involve at least 6 different companies operating in Europe.

One of the documents that the Cointelegraph had access to details a request for account freezing made by Interpol.

In it the International Organization details the name of 4 Brazilians who would be behind the network of international coups.

Thus, in the document that also contains crypto addresses and analysis of companies specializing in tracking addresses of cryptoactive Interpol requests the blocking of accounts supposedly linked to fraudsters.

Federal Public Ministry will participate in an event promoted by Interpol about crimes with Bitcoin

However, the organization does not provide more details about the blocking or investigation.

However, information gathered from sources related to the case, details that the process underway at Interpol may involve the companies Arbstar, Prosperity Clube, Eaglebittrade, Ifreex, ZX Bit, B2C Trading, YouXwallet, FxTrading, Fx2Trading, My Hash, the latter 3 led by Brazilian Philipe Han.

Also according to information shared with the Cointelegraph in at least one of the notified exchanges was found resources that had not yet been withdrawn by the coup plotters.

However, after the resources were blocked, people from the company began to suffer threats via false profiles on social networks.

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Apparently suspicious that there would be an ongoing investigation of the activities one of the investigated would have gone to Dubai to escape the international authorities.

However, it was not possible to confirm this information.

The investigation by interpol would still be ongoing and part of the scammers would still be promoting pyramids in Europe.

The Cointelegraph tried to contact interpol to find out more details but has not been successful so far.
Interpol and Public Prosecutor

Recently the Federal Public Ministry participated in a series of online meetings, held by Interpol, on virtual crimes including those committed with Bitcoin.

The proposal is that the federal servers that participate in the meetings can improve their training on the subject.

The first three meetings were held by Interpol and the European Group for Training and Education in Cyber Crime (Ecteg) from September 21 to 24.